The HTAC is a dual face live scan time attendance access control solution with temperature measurement, vaccination verification, facial recognition, and mask enforcement functions. If any of these conditions are not met, the HTAC would immediately send out notifications (SMS or emails), keep doors shut, turnstiles from rotating preventing access in real-time.

Key Features:

  1. AI face recognition (detects makeup, masks, hats, glasses and change of hairstyle)
  2. Measure forehead temperature
  3. It can recognize people wearing masks
  4. Reads vaccination certificates issued by over 40 countries globally
  5. Questionaire setup
  6. Binocular live monitoring preventing fraud from people trying to use recorded videos or pictures to gain access into your premises
  7. Open API for other languages development
  8. Prevent access once the temperature is abnormal, a mask is not worn, no proof or fake vaccination certificate.

Our HTAC solution can verify vaccination certificates issued in over 40 countries including the EU, NHS, Canada, USA, Singapore, UAE, Morocco, Lithuania, India, Malaysia, Chile, Thailand, etc.

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Our R&D and software development teams have integrated these solutions into attendance, access control, and visitor management systems for Schools, workplaces, bars, gyms, restaurants, shops, etc.

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