Unique Features

Facial Recognition

With staff and students enrolled, contactless sign-in / attendance is possible. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithm automatically detects make-up, masks, glasses. Sign-in is prevented in a situation where a static photograph, recorded video, or an identical twin tries to gain access.

Elevated Temperature Detection

Built with Heiman 5.0 temperature sensors, our solutions automatically detect the temperature of staff, students, and visitors arriving in specific locations.

Vacination Status

Automatically read QR code of vaccination status for several countries in real-time. EU, NHS, Canada, USA, Singapore, UAE, Morocco, Lithuania, India, Malaysia, Chile, Thailand, etc

Health Questionaire

Customize questionnaires to get information on your visitors, staff, and students before they arrive on your premises.

Proactive Notifications

Nadmaa sends proactive alerts to designated officials elevated temperature vaccination status un masked individuals capacity limits exceeded

Analytics & Reporting

Data on your employees, visitors, etc. can help you make more informed decisions about your staffing and space usage.

Contact Tracing

With data and time stamps of who were in particular locations at particular times, When there is a positive case, it's easy to track those who might be infected.

Solutions by industry


The HTAC solution is a dual face live scan time attendance access control solution with temperature measurement, vaccination verification, facial recognitoon and mask status functions. If any of these conditions are not met, the HTAC would keep doors shut, turnstiles from rotating preventing access in real time.

Our HTAC solution can verify vaccination certificates issued by the EU, NHS, Canada, USA, Singapore, UAE, Morocco, Lithuania, India, Malaysia, Chile, Thailand, etc. Read more...


Nadmaa's Smart body temperature (SBT) screening system is a complete set of face recognition, body temperature measurement & big data statistics of the overall solution. Using ArtificialIntelligence, the facial information and the temperature of the corresponding body are instantly recognized and displayed directly on the terminal.

When the body temperature of the person in the camera preview range exceeds or falls below the set normal body temperature, personnel and medical staff are instantly notified to handle it in real-time, and the abnormal data is uploaded to the management background for data statistics.


HANDT is a new generation multi function hand held terminal with android biometric fingerprint authentication device. It supports GPS precision positioning, wifi, bluetooth, barcode, 4G wireless packet transmission, true safe fingerprint identification and biometric SIM registration.

Its portable cloud attendance solution that allows it to be used on school buses, farms. HANDT has several applications for e-government, banking, telecom, NGO associations

About Us

Established by a group of visionary engineers in Alberta, Nadmaa provides businesses with advanced attendance, access control and visitor management solutions embedded with pandemic safety compliance.

Through extensive R&D, Nadmaa builds software and manufactures its entire solution portfolio to address;

Long Queues & Staffing

Manual temperature check, manual sign-in, manual verification of vaccination status all lead to long queues and sometimes increased staffing.


All employees have to physically touch the same surface of your access control device to sign in, staff have to come close to visitors to take temperature checks. These are not best practices in a pandemic era.

Vaccination Verification

Gyms, restaurants, schools all require you to be fully vaccinated to gain entry to their facilities. The issued certificates can be easily falsified using photoshop.


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